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Star Conquest is a pulp science fiction adventure roleplaying game set 300 years in the future.

"Pulp" science fiction means that we went back to the sci-fi authors of the 50s and 60s, and built a future that they might've envisioned. Other solar systems are colonized, starships move faster than light through space, and there are aliens and strange artifacts to find.

Star Conquest's history diverges from our own in the 1970s, with all Apollo moon landings being completed as originally scheduled. NASA is then petitioned by the public to continue exploring the solar system and to abandon its near-Earth shuttle program. By the 1990s, space technology is booming and other projects (most notably information technology) have been shoved aside.

Thematically, Star Conquest projects the space age of the 1950s forward 300 years from our present time, creating a universe with ray guns (in the form of sonic weaponry), lasers, vast space stations, mysterious aliens, and space itself always just a quick hop away. Things that weren't imagined in the 50s and 60s, like our vast advances in miniaturized computing and the existence of the internet, have no place in the Star Conquest world.

The current storyline of the game takes place after a decade-long conflict with an alien species known as the Outsiders who compulsively subjugate every species they encounter. Humanity was no exception. After a near-apocalyptic attack and occupation, humanity has finally thrown off the Outsiders, and now struggles to rebuild as the alien empire seeks their total destruction.

We refer to Star Conquest as a sci-fi pulp adventure game. That means that our plotlines are the stuff of dramatic (and sometimes silly) space opera, and our stories and setting are not always fully realistic. There is also often a generous helping of absurdist comedy in the game's goings-on. We do, however, strive to have complete consistency and coherency in our plotlines.

You can read a great deal more about the game's theme at this webpage:

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