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Help: Teslaworld

Teslaworld is a hostile moon, too hostile for even a spacesuited human to survive for long. Yet a human presence has been established, due to the moon's large mineral deposits and scattered alien artifacts.

The Tesla Planetary Salvage Consortium, a collection of various corporations, has created a state-of-the-art facility on Teslaworld's surface to protect inhabitants from the planet's violent environment. Even a spacesuit is not adequate for survival on the surface of Teslaworld, but from this facility, humans in bulky environmental suits or battlesuits can carry out complex exploration and salvage operations.

As always, starship pilots are the logical candidates to perform this high-tech, high risk endeavour. For a standard fee to cover maintenance costs for the equipment used, pilots can sign up to work on Teslaworld.

To begin work at Teslaworld, fly to the planet with your battlesuit. If you are not able to transport your battlesuit, visit the Tesla branch at your capital spaceport to have it transported for you.

Once there, you must register for work on Teslaworld. This will authorize you to accept posted missions, as well as giving you a starting supply of Teslabucks, the official currency of Teslaworld. There is also a battlesuit outfitter within the spaceport, should you need one.

Once registered, exit the spaceport and explore the Teslaworld facility, which is known, perhaps inevitably, as Teslatown. There are four things here that you should locate:

- Faraday Plaza. This is right in the middle of town. Missions are posted and completed here.

- The North Gate. An exit out to the surface. This is where you will deploy to missions.

- Teleforce Tom's Lounge and Pub. A place to relax in between missions.

- The Electrostatic Exchange. This is where you can exchange your Teslabucks for battlesuit equipment built for Teslaworld. More importantly for you, you can also turn your Teslabucks into actual credits and industry points here.

Now that you've located these places, here are the steps to get started:

1) Visit the Electrostatic Exchange and purchase a detector and a mineral extractor for your battlesuit.

2) Go to Faraday Plaza, and use the SIGNUP command to accept a mission posting. You will probably want to start with a small mining operation.

3) Go to the North Gate and DEPLOY to your mission.

4) Once at the salvage site, use your detector to find minerals. Once found, use your extractor to dig them up.

5) Once the site is cleared of minerals or you are otherwise finished with it, type RETURN to go back to Teslatown.

6) Return to Faraday Plaza and use the COMPLETE command to get credit for the resources you've found.

7) Visit the Electrostatic Exchange and use the EXCHANGE command to convert a few of your Teslabucks.

8) Visit Teleforce Tom's Lounge and Pub and enjoy a cold celebratory drink.

Teslatown activities are meant to be done in groups! Get together with friends to take on bigger sites.

As you earn Teslabucks and Teslapoints, you will gain access to additional resources, new equipment to find and extract them, and whole new types of missions. Many of these will be provided as the result of special tasks that the inhabitants of Teslatown give to you. Be certain to talk to the people you see there!

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