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Help: Temporary Station Module Warehouses

A temporary station warehouse is simply a container at a spaceport that can store one or more modules.


A warehouse can be purchased and upgraded by an organization at any organization center in exchange for megacredits. As your organization gains more command points, it will be able to upgrade its warehouses further.

The warehouse can be purchased for any sufficiently major landing pad or docking bay of any planet or station that the founding organization is allied to and the organization contains a member of. That is to say, if the EAOS and Fringe are allied, an organization with both an EAOS member and a Fringe member could construct a warehouse at either The Torus or Chetumal, but not New Earth or Old Earth.

Additionally, every ten thousand command points allows for the construction of an additional warehouse at another location. Additional warehouses cost more megacredits to construct and upgrade, and begin upgrades at the point they are unlocked, as opposed to being able to be instantly upgraded to the same capacity as an earlier warehouse.


Once upgraded, a temporary station module warehouse can contain far more modules than a ship, as well as being able to control who can access the warehouse with a degree of granularity.

Warehouses contain a detailed logging system, so the owner of the warehouse can see exactly who took what modules out of the warehouse, or who put a module in that you can't ever see your organization ever using in the future.


The Access Control List, or ACL, is a way of controlling who can access your modules, and exactly what they are allowed to do.

* READ: Permits a designated user to display the stored modules of the warehouse.
* DEPOSIT: Permits a designated user to deposit modules into the warehouse, as well as purchase modules directly into it.
* WITHDRAW: Permits a designated user to withdraw modules from the warehouse. Implies read access.
* LOG: Permits a designated user to view the log, but not to clear it.
* STANDARD: Not a permission in and of itself, but instead grants a user read, deposit, and withdraw permissions simultaneously.
* FULL: Permits the designated user to clear the log, as well as view and modify the ACL. Implies all other permissions.

Adding a new user gives them read-only access by default.

Warehouse operators are strongly advised to be careful with their access and only give permissions (particularly full access) to people that you trust to not abuse it.

Finally, the founder of the organization has non-revocable full access.


Accessing a constructed module warehouse is simple, go to a landing bay and type WAREHOUSE. A series of menus will guide you through the process of using and managing your new warehouse!

* WAREHOUSE: Access every function on a constructed and active warehouse.

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