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Help: Starship Basics

This help file will very quickly teach you the basics of flying a starship.

POWER: Use this command to turn your ship's main power on and off.

LAUNCH: Use this command to get your ship off the ground.

Once launched, there are a few ways to get your bearings in space.

STARMAP or SM: Shows a semi-graphical representation of your current sector.
RUNDOWN or RD: A purely text list of nearby objects, preferred by users of screen readers.

Moving around in a sector is easy.

MOVE: Presents you with a menu of destinations in the sector. Choose one and autopilot will take you there.

The MOVE command is also what you use to land on a planet or dock at a space station. Just select where you want to land, and when your ship arrives, you will be prompted whether you wish to land.

JUMP: Use this command to jump your ship to another sector. You can type JUMP by itself to see a list of sectors, or type JUMP [sector name] to have your ship travel there automatically.

For a full list of starship commands, see the Starship Command Reference help file.

For help with starship combat, view the Starship Combat help file.

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