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Help: Stage Three Subjugation

Stage Three Subjugation: Subjugation By Occupation

If a species refuses to sign the Contract to enter Stage Two Subjugation or breaks the Terms of Occupation within said Contract, the Outsiders will give "Negative Stimulus" in order to keep the species in line. This usually takes the form of attacks on starship fleets, research facilities and the like. This represents a switch to Stage Three, where the Contract becomes null and void, and the Outsiders take semi-direct control of a species. If the species fights back, this will continue until the species is basically no longer spacefaring, and this is when Stage Three Subjugation is actually established.

The Outsiders are highly xenophobic, and even in Stages One and Two, only one Outsider will usually interact with the species in question, and via technological communication wherever possible unless it is unavoidable. The Outsider that was humanity's point of contact (or overlord) was known as Zmnyaz, and during the entire length of humanity's stint in Stage Two was only physically encountered by the leaders of the alliances less than a dozen times, and perhaps only a third of that by the civilian pilots.

As such, the Occupation is done not by the Outsiders themselves, but by armies of Enforcer Drones: heavily armed and armored machines that resemble the Outsiders physically and are fully capable of keeping the target species in-line due to their new status.

A species at Stage Three gives the vast majority of their resource production to the Outsiders and is allowed practically zero autonomy. Contact between colonies is difficult or impossible, and congregations/groupings of the species are dispersed in an attempt to stop any attempt at rebellion. Spaceflight is nonexistent until such time as the Outsiders believe that the species is worth another chance, but in a far more limited manner - starships are not allowed weapons and are basically used for transportation of resources from colony to colony or to Outsider transports only and nothing more.

It is theoretically possible that a species at Stage Three Subjugation may be able to regain Stage Two Subjugation status, as the Outsiders gradually became more lenient during humanity's time in Stage Three, but this is currently an unknown.

While humanity left Stage Two Subjugation in 2304, it did not truly begin to enter Stage Three Subjugation until December 2306, when the League of Old Earth Democracies officially surrendered to the Outsiders once the Outsider fleet had reached Old Earth Orbit and begun to send down Enforcer Drones. Stage Three Subjugation was mostly complete by June 2307, when the Confederation of Fringe Worlds became the last alliance to surrender to the Outsiders, but was not fully established until August of the same year, when all major resistance was halted. Stage Three Subjugation continued until February 2309, when the previously-hidden human resistance movement began semi-public preparations and was noticed by the Outsiders.

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