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Help: Spacewalking

Spacewalking is the act of moving through space without a vehicle -- that is, with nothing but your spacesuit and a small device to provide thrust. This requires three things:

A spacejet and navaid both require 200 industry points.

In order to spacewalk, you must go to your ship's airlock, wear your spacesuit and related equipment, and use the CYCLE command to safely change the airlock to a vacuum environment. Once done, use the OUT command to leave the ship.

If you wish to move away from the ship, use manual controls as described in HELP MANUAL STARSHIP CONTROL. Remember to keep looking at your navaid if you begin to get lost.

When you're ready to return to your ship, travel to just outside it and then use the RETURN command. Cycle the airlock again and then enter the control room as normal.

Remember to purchase a flightbag for your spacesuit and spacewalking equipment! You can then simply type USE FLIGHTBAG to easily wear and remove your entire spacesuit.

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