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Help: Spacesuits

Spacesuits are a type of clothing that you wear that is hardened against vacuum with its own oxygen supply. Spacesuits are required in order to venture outside of your ship in deep space, or to explore hostile planets or airless space stations.

Spacesuits consist of five components: upper body, lower body, helmet, boots, and gloves. You must wear all five components in order to be protected.

Capital spaceports always have a spacesuit store, and all components will be sold in the same place.

Spacesuit stores also usually sell a flightbag. This is a recommended purchase, because once you have a flightbag, you may simply type USE FLIGHTBAG to wear or remove all components of your spacesuit at once.

A note for roleplayers: Though it's possible to go around wearing your spacesuit all the time, if you're in character then it is a little silly to do so in a non-hostile environment.

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