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Help: Spaceborn Mutuality

This is an additional help file connected to HELP MUTUALITY PROFILE.
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A spaceborn character would have been born either on an unreg space station or an unregistered starship of some kind. They would have lived among other unregs, having little to zero contact with the AEU, EAOS, Fringe or League. It is also unlikely that they would have set foot on a planet before the Mutuality re-established contact with the other alliances.
Spaceborn tend to be taller than most humans, due to the exposure to slightly lower gravity on stations.

While spaceborn will always have been unregs, they may not have actively fought against the alliances. Being a part of the unreg war or joining the Renegades are not mandatory, as unregs were not (and are still not) a unified whole. The band of unregs that fought in the first Unreg War was not a significant portion of the unreg population, and the Renegades, while a large, unified collective of unregs, was not the entire number of unregs flying in uncharted space.

If your character WAS a part of either group, you must explain how they ended up as such and why. Being a Renegade is especially risky, profile-wise, as you will need to explain how your character managed to evade the destruction of the Renegade fleet and the use of lethal weapons against the Renegades found on the stations assaulted by the alliances.

Spaceborns are split into four categories: Rimward, Coreward, Spinward and Antispinward.

These are the people that AEU, League and Fringe pilots normally think of when they hear 'unregistered' pilot. To the AEU, League and Fringe, most of them live in small, barely operable scrapheaps. The most numerous, and most diverse of the regional unregistered, they tend to have little to no unifying identity, though they tend to have a 'wolf pack' mentality and are generally considered especially loyal to their wingmen and crew.
The Rimward spaceborn also had the largest involvement with the Outsiders, in the form of the Renegades. Before the Renegades, there was a fear to push further Rimward due to the crews of such ships falling mysteriously ill, usually mentally. This is now suspected to be due to the influence of the Outsiders.
Primary Mutuality space is located in Rimward space, and most spaceborn pilots are of Rimward origin.

The second most numerous, the Coreward tend to favor large structures and starships over the wolf packs of the Rimward, preferring to keep everything based out of one mothership, occasionally with fighter support. The stereotype for Coreward pilots is overly social, with a hint of xenophilia.
Jinu space is Coreward.

Somewhat rare, the Spinward are generally regarded to be strange, even amongst other spaceborn, such that some non-Spinward people produce elaborate conspiracy theories. When asked about these theories, Spinward pilots fall strangely silent. Spinward space is largely dominated by 'clans' of pilots, with their status in the clan being determined largely by blood purity.
Spinward space is almost entirely unified via a convoluted series of mutual decrees and unions, but few consider themselves members of the Mutuality.
The Interstellar Federation of Species is suspected to occupy space Spinward of Known Space.

The Antispinward are a lonesome bunch. By far the fewest in number, the Antispinward prefer to stick together in small ship crews and rarely trust anyone outside their crew. This distrust tends to be mutual. The stereotype for Antispinward pilots is that of thief, generally with associated sociopathy. Antispinward space is, similarly to Spinward space, dominated by clans, though they are far smaller.
There is little of interest in Antispinward space.

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