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Help: Space Courier

Sometimes, corporate interests seek to exploit the licenses of civilian pilots for mutual profit.

To sign up for a corporation, go to their Human Resources division and APPLY for a job. You can additionally QUIT this job at any time at the same place.

After you have a job, you need to visit their ship center and REQUEST a corporation-issued starship. You can also purchase chronometers and courier radios at this location, to get a more accurate estimate of how you're doing! NOTE: The chronometer and radios must be bolted down to do any good!

After you have a job AND a ship, you can go to their cargo center and REQUEST supplies to deliver. Be sure to deliver the goods promptly, or your paycheck and their respect for you may very well suffer. Priority deliveries have a somewhat more stringent time-table, but give more points, and cargo deliveries pay out credits based on the amount of cargo delivered.

Once you have arrived at your cargo's DESTINATION, you can DELIVER it.

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