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Help: Socials

The following social commands are available:

accuse alugh amuse anxious attention

avert babble bat beam beckon

belch bite blink blush boggle

bop bounce bow cackle cheer

chortle chuckle clap collapse comfort

concur concure console cough cower

cringe cry cuddle curtsy drool

duck duh envy eskimo evil

eyebrow flail flap flatulate flick

flip flipoff flirt fondle footsie

frown furrow gag gasp gawk

gaze gesticulate gesture giggle girn

glance glare glower gnaw grin

groan growl grumble grunt headshake

hiccup high hop hug hum

jig knock laugh lean lick

moan mumble mutter nag nibble

nod nudge nuzzle owl pace

pat pet pinch point poke

ponder pout preen purr push

quiz roll rolleyes rub salute

scoff scowl scream scuff search

shake shiver shriek shrug shudder

sigh slap smile smirk smooch

snap snarl sneer sneeze snicker

sniffle snore snort snuggle sob

spit squawk squeak squeeze squint

stare stomp stretch swing swoon

tap thumb tickle tongue twirl

wail wave wheeze whimper whistle

wince wink wist wrap wright

wrinkle yawn

For more interesting ways to use these commands, please read the Advanced Socials help file!

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