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Help: Siege the Card Game

Two militarized outposts stand at opposite ends of a sector cluster. Each one launches a tremendous fleet and goes forth to conquer. Which side will defeat the other fleet and besiege the enemy outpost? Will the outpost then repel the siege and manage to win the day, or will they be defeated? The object of Siege is to find out.

Siege is played with a deck of cards, each card representing a participant in the battle. Close range combatants, ranged combatants, tech users, siege weapons, and various defenses are all represented. Each card has a specific ability to attack, and also to defend against each kind of combatant. In play, these abilities are used in a random roll of the dice to determine which card wins the battle.

The game follows a specific sequence. First, each player draws 20 cards each, and each player chooses 5 cards to defend his or her outpost. These cards cannot be taken out again except at great expense. The first player then chooses a card from his or her army to attack, and the second player chooses a card to defend. Whoever wins this battle takes the next turn.

The game follows these basic rules for battles:

* Close range combatants (Outsiders) are effective against tech users.
* Ranged combatants (IFS) are effective against close range combatants.
* Tech users (Jinu) are effective against ranged combatants.

Siege cards are useful for attacking outposts because no one defends against them well, but they can't be used in the open battle portion of the game.

Armor cards defend equally well against every sort of attack, but can't be used to initiate battle.

Cards in the outpost can be taken out and played against the attacking fleet, but this card will be at half effectiveness, and will also never again be available to defend the outpost, even if it wins.

Once one fleet is defeated, the remaining fleet is besieging the enemy outpost. If all of the cards in the outpost are defeated, then the defender loses. If, on the other hand, the defenders in the outpost are successful in defeating the besieging fleet, then the defender wins.

Defenders in an outpost get a bonus to all of their defense rolls.

SIEGE to start a game.
JOIN for an opponent to join the game.
DRAW to draw a card; used each round.
STOP to end a game early.

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