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Help: Rift Drive

The rift drive is a complex starship device used for faster-than-light travel when point-to-point wormhole travel is impossible or considered too dangerous. The device was developed by scientist and inventor Peter Fienstein, and the EAOS possesses the greatest working knowledge of it.

The device operates by accessing higher dimensional geometry to rapidly move the ship's position in realspace. A ship must possess a wormhole drive in order to access this higher dimension. The rift possesses a near-constant flow all its own, but the starship can control its speed and direction of movement with electromagnetic planar fields, commonly known as "riftsails."

More information about the rift drive should be discovered in character as you progress through the game. Details of its operation are not common knowledge and are not taught in flight school.

To use a rift drive, simply type RIFT in your starship's control room and use the subcommands listed.

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