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Help: Planetborn Mutuality

This is an additional help file connected to HELP MUTUALITY PROFILE.
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A planetborn character was born into one of the three major alliances, in the same manner as a normal pilot of one of these alliances would be. However, something in their life made them choose to escape the bonds of alliancehood and flee to uncharted space rather than become a pilot in their own pilot league. Escaping like this made them an unreg, hunted by their old alliance.

This option requires considerable detail as to why and how your character left their alliance. What was their reasoning, and how did they do it? When they fled to uncharted space, what did they do there? How did they react to the unregs they encountered? How did the various individuals they encountered react to them?

As a planetborn individual, you will need to explain how and why the Mutuality eventually inducted you into its ranks.

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