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Help: Pilot Titles

Pilots can hold a number of titles which may appear in the WHO command, or simply be referred to in character by others.

Cadet: Cadets are, basically, newbies. ICly, these are pilots who have just been granted a license and are flying provisionally pending final approval from their flight school. If the pilot conducts her- or himself well during this probationary period, they are granted a full license -- something other pilots refer to as "graduating." OOCly, a cadet is a player who has not yet submitted an acceptable character profile.

Pilot: This title is also available, and is meant to be understood as "full pilot." The vast majority of playable characters are regular pilots, so this title does not say anything much about a character.

Ace: Aces are pilots who have been recognized for exceptional combat prowess and leadership. This title is typically awarded only after periods of serious fighting during which a handful of pilots distinguish themselves in combat. This is mostly just a title, but ace pilots receive a bit of special consideration, such as free starship support.

Veteran: Veterans are similar to ace pilots, but are long-term characters who have fought in several serious conflicts. New characters will generally never be approved for veteran status.

Other titles may be granted for performing an unusual action or participating in an event, such as "Drydock Defender." The IC/OOC barrier is a bit flimsy here, but you may regard these titles as appearing on your communicator display or simply being something that person is known for -- whichever makes more sense.

You can change your own active title with the TITLE command.

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