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Help: POSE Command

The POSE command is similar to EMOTE in that it helps you depict your character's body language. Unlike an emote, however, a pose lasts until you cancel it, and anyone entering or looking at the room will see your current pose. This pose will also show up if someone takes your photograph.

In the same way that SIT CHAIR will depict your character sitting in a chair, using a pose will depict your character in a certain way until you change it. You may want your character leaning against a wall, or eyeing everyone who enters the room, or working on a sketch. Anything that makes sense for your character is fair game!

To use the command, simply type POSE. It will present you with a list of preset options. You may also choose to write a custom pose by choosing option #1 from the menu.

You can also set your pose in one command, simply by typing POSE followed by whatever you would like your pose to be. You can cancel your pose quickly by typing POSE CANCEL. If your pose involves sitting or lying down, standing up will cancel it automatically.

Keep in mind that all poses are in the form of "[name] is [doing a pose]." So, for example:

Right: pose leaning against the wall.
What Others See: Jim is leaning against the wall.

Wrong: pose leans against the wall.
What Others See: Jim is leans against the wall.

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