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Help: Options

There are several options that players can choose to slightly alter the appearance of the game and its mechanics. Type OPTIONS to access the master menu. Here is a complete list of options and what they do!


General options are a sort of miscellaneous category, but there's a lot of useful stuff in there.

* Disable Fancy Dialogue: Fancy dialogue does some creative parsing of text when activated. It defaults to on. Choose this option to turn it off.

* Ignore accents: Filters the accents of other players out of speech. ONLY works when Fancy Dialogue is off.

* Automatic Minimap: A semi-graphical minimap will be displayed alongside room descriptions.

* WHO Option: Disable Status Tag Legend: The WHO command shows a legend telling you what certain codes next to character names mean. Once you're familiar with them, you can toggle the legend off with this option.

* WHO Option: Disable Peak Statistics: Disable the list of "most pilots ever awake" statistics.

* WHO Option: Single Line Per Player: Displays the name of each player in the who list on its own line rather than formatting it into columns. Users of screen readers usually prefer this.

* Smart Title/Key Placement for New Ship Purchases: When this option is active, the process of buying a new ship will automatically place the ship's title of ownership and key in logical places. If you turn it off, you will receive the traditional cloth sack that contains these things and get to fiddle with the objects yourself.

* Show Only Damaged Components (Starship Engineering): When active, the DAMAGE command in a starship engineering room will not list undamaged components. (Recommended for screen reader users.)

* Use Alternate Manual Control Keys: Enables manual movement keys on the left side of the keyboard in addition to the usual keypad controls. Read HELP MANUAL STARSHIP CONTROL for a complete explanation.

* Use Shortened Target Tracking: Shows a quick, shorthand version of output from any starship's target tracking array.

* Acknowledge New Lines When Inputting Lines of Text (profiles, message boards, and letters): Certain prompts will take multiple lines of input at one time. If this option is active, each new line you input will send an asterisk (*) back to your client, just to acknowledge that you're on a new line. (Recommended for screen reader users.)

* Columnize Menus Horizontally: Columnizes menus horizontally instead of vertically, so that they are read in the intended order if you're using a screen reader. (Recommended for screen reader users.)

* Detailed Contents Breakdown for Containers: When active, looking at a container will show a list of categories instead of its full contenst. Choosing a category will list only those items. This functionality is accessible even with the option disabled if you use the VIEW command.

* Display Tandem Cylical Time in Base-10: The alters how Tandem Cylical Time is displayed, which mainly only matters for Mutuality members.

* Show Inventory Without Slot Information: Displays clothing on characters without telling you which parts of the body it covers.

* No Line Breaks In Inventory: Displays your inventory as a block paragraph instead of separate lines.

* Ignore Periodic Quick Physical Descriptions: Causes you to no longer see the introductory-style quick physical descriptions of other characters that appear on their own periodically.


Star Conquest uses ANSI color. The color options menu contains the main toggle for ANSI color, as well as a menu to assign colors or toggle on functions. The options are fairly self-explanatory.


These options control how text is displayed. You should set your line length to fit the width of your screen, and decide for yourself whether you want word wrap or linespacing on. Users of screen readers won't find much of use in here, but they may want to set their line length to around 180 or 200 if they find that some text is being cut off.


This menu has only one function. It will change how other players see you move around. For instance, instead of just "moving" east, you can "swagger" east, if you are so inclined.

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