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Help: Object Matching

Object matching is the system by which, when you type something like "get book," you can end up with exactly the book that you intended to.

Generally, the matching system prioritizes like so:
  1. Items in your hands
  2. Other characters
  3. Items worn on your character
  4. Items in the room
  5. Items inside containers

In addition, object matching is a "first in, first out" system -- if you type "get book," you will retrieve the very first book that was placed in your vicinity, using the above priorities.

The matching system is robust, completely deterministic, and totally bug-free. However, it cannot read your mind. The matching system will grab the first item which matches what you typed -- no more and no less. This is always entirely predictable, and it's up to you to give the system enough to work with!

Here are some tips for getting the right object the first time:

There are modifiers you can add to the object name you're trying to match to make it far easier to get the right object the first time:

There are also a few keywords you can use to refer directly to objects.

This matching system is consistent and universal for look, get, put, drop, use, read, all social commands, and nearly all other common commands.

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