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Help: OOCSAY Command

The OOCSAY command is used to speak with players in the same room OOCly; that is, while out of character.

Example: OOCSAY Hello.

Result (Your perspective): You say, OOCly, "Hello."
Result (Others' perspective): Andrea Irkuski says, OOCly, "Hello."

Note that breaking character in this way should be considered a last resort and should not be done casually and frequently, nor should you carry on entire conversations OOC. Assume that everyone you encounter does not want to break character, ever, and do everything you possibly can to avoid it.

The OOCSAY command is only for things that cannot be IC ("Gotta go, my kitchen is on fire") when there is really no other way to explain your character's behavior (for example, a sudden departure). It should not be used when unnecessary ("I'm hungry, gotta go eat" -- just say this in character and excuse yourself) or, for instance, to carry on entire conversations about your mutual friends on Skype and such things. Remember that you should strive for roleplaying to occur 100% of the time, as much as possible. It is what Star Conquest is all about.

Note that hosts are notified when OOC conversations are taking place so that we can monitor when OOC interactions are overriding roleplaying (which happens very often if left unchecked). This does not mean OOCSAY is a direct line of communication to the staff. Anything you wish to say to the staff should be said by typing the SUPPORT command.

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