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Help: Newbie Channel

The newbie channel is a place where new players can ask questions and receive answers without fear of ridicule. It crosses alliance boundaries and allows any player to seek the wisdom of more experienced players. It is not necessary to remain in character on the newbie channel.

To use the newbie channel, type TRANSMIT NEWBIE followed by your message. This can be shortened to TR N.

Don't be shy! Many players enjoy answering questions for newbies and people on the channel are generally friendly and understanding.

The following is the complete newbie channel policy.
  1. Talk on the newbie channel should be nothing but questions followed by answers. Discussion at length is rarely necessary, unless a newbie question proves to be tricky for some reason. Also, please don't report bugs on the newbie channel -- use the SUPPORT command instead.
  2. Talk on the newbie channel is considered to be OOC, which allows for questions to be asked and answered plainly and freely. However, it is not an OOC chat channel, nor is it for gamewide OOC asides. See #1!
  3. IC questions may also be asked and answered, as long as they aren't about specific trading routes, quest solutions, or other things that should be worked out on one's own. While it's important that players eventually learn the difference between IC and OOC, "ask IC" is not a helpful response and can be offputting to new players who are simply trying to come to grips with game mechanics. If you would readily answer the question if it was asked on the General channel, please answer it on Newbie if it's asked there by a newbie.
  4. That said, please reserve the newbie channel for actual newbie questions. If you've got ten thousand points and you're asking which is the best expedition ship to cross 2,000 light-years with, well, that's not exactly a newbie question and should in fact be addressed in character. If you're not actually a newbie anymore, there's a good chance your question doesn't belong on the channel, unless something basic has slipped your mind.
  5. Above all else, the newbie channel should always strive for a friendly and welcoming tone. Unhelpful answers, non-answers, or arguments on the newbie channel will only ensure that no one seeks help there, which will prevent the game from gaining new players.

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