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Help: New to the Game

If you're brand new to the game, these are the most important help files to read.

Type HELP [topic] to read them.

Interacting with the World
Starting Out In The Game
Starship Basics
Basic Profile Help
Roleplaying 101

Here is a list of newbie activities for early money- and point-making. Type HELP [activity name] for more information.

Mail Delivery
Asteroid Mining
Atmospheric Scooping

Type HELP INDEX for a listing of ALL help files.

You may also access online help at the web portal at

Still lost?

Have you completed the tutorial? The tutorial offers help with basic text game commands and spaceflight. Type TUTORIAL to begin.

Do you have a mentor? A mentor is an experienced player willing to offer personal help! Type MENTOR to get one.

Just not sure where to start? Talk to your cadet orientation officer! Go to the pilot liaison office where you started (type GO OFFICE from your capital's landing pad) and then type TALK OFFICER.

You can also ask questions of other players by typing:
TR NEW [your question]

Players here are generally friendly (at least out of character) and committed to helping new players settle into the game. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

If you need personal assistance from a staff member, type SUPPORT.

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