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Help: Name Change

Occasionally, people want to change their names. In the real world this may be because of a simple dislike of their original birth name, because they want to change their identity, or many other reasons.

In Star Conquest, civilian pilots are able to petition the Court of Governance for Civilian Pilots of the Joint Alliances in order to request a name change, though this will cost them a not insignificant amount of credits.

There are certain rules that must be followed in order for a civilian pilot's request for a name change to proceed:

1) The name change cannot match (or be similar enough to be mistaken for) the name used by a previous or current civilian pilot.

2) If only a SURNAME change is being requested and it matches the surname of one or more other civilian pilots, those civilian pilots must all give written authorisation to the Court of Governance for Civilian Pilots of the Joint Alliances.

3) A suitable reason for the name change must be given to the Court of Governance for Civilian Pilots of the Joint Alliances.

If the above rules are followed, there is a good chance that the petition will proceed and be successful once the change has been paid for.

In order to begin a name change, travel to a court of your alliance and use the RENAME command. Have a good, in character reason for the name change that you can sum up in a sentence or two. Make all selections carefully. You will receive a letter in the mail when your request is approved or denied. If it is approved, return to the courtroom and use the RENAME command again to complete the process.

You may receive a letter from the court seeking your approval because someone has requested a legal name change to your surname. If you approve of this, go to a local court and use the APPROVE command. If you do not approve, you may simply do nothing.

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