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Help: Mutuality Profile

In addition to the information within the Basic and Advanced Profile Help file, this particular file is
specifically designed to give assistance in writing a viable Mutuality profile.

BY NON-MUTUALITY PILOTS. This file is OOC knowledge about the Mutuality. Using information from this file
ICly as a pilot of the AEU, League or Fringe will result in OOC warnings.

Also note that a Mutuality character is not recommended as a first character. Playing in the Mutuality is
essentially "hard mode" and these characters are also held to higher roleplaying standards.

It is difficult to put a complete compilation of information here. If you have questions that are not
answered by this help file, please ASSIST using 'Mutuality Profile Help' as the reason and have specific
questions you wish to ask ready for when a host answers.


Being a Mutuality character will be vastly different to playing the game as a member the AEU, League or
Fringe. While the same tasks will be available to you, such as salvaging, mail runs, taxis and the like,
the Mutuality is a considerably different alliance.

As such, a Mutuality application is required to be a special application rather than standard. This does
NOT mean that you are required to request Ace status, just that a standard Mutuality pilot requires a
similar level of profile to an Ace of the other alliances. Mutuality aces are extremely rare, and far less likely
to be approved than aces in the AEU, Fringe or League. Veterans are almost unheard of and will require
considerable explanation as to why your character would be considered a veteran. Both ace and veteran
requests for Mutuality pilots will likely end up with a need to discuss it at length with the hosts in an
attempt to explain why you feel you should be such.

The Mutuality is a loose collective of previously-unregistered humans living on space stations or
starships within the region of space containing what is now known as the Third Thirty. The Mutuality
possess no planets. There are no pilot academies or flight schools, most Mutuality citizens are
jacks/jills-of-all-trades by necessity, there is no such thing as an official Mutuality pilot's licence.

All Mutuality players will have joined the Mutuality between its formation and 2303, just prior to the
Outsider subjugation of humanity in 2304. They would not have been born into the alliance itself as it
has only existed for the past decade at maximum.

Mutuality characters can be split into two categories: Spaceborn and Allianceborn.

There is too much to write information about both in one file, check HELP SPACEBORN MUTUALITY and HELP
PLANETBORN MUTUALITY for details on each.


As an 'alliance', the Mutuality has existed for less than a decade. Official recognition by the other
alliances only took place when they attempted to augment the Known Space defense against the Outsider
subjugation and gave the alliances chaingun technology and the method to build cheaper hull plating.

For a detailed history of unregistered pilots, see HELP UNREGS. Suffice to say that the unregs came into
being when people began to desire more freedom, rather than being a heavily limited pilot under the direct
control of their alliance government. They stole ships and fled into uncharted space, where after several
decades, the unreg 'community' flourishes, with space stations and their own minimal starship construction
abilities, though nowhere near the level of the alliances.

In 2297, the 'Renegades', a faction of unregs that had gained considerable power, attempted to overthrow
the alliance governments. It was revealed that their superior technology and advanced fleetbuilding methods
were gifts from an alien species the Renegades called 'Outsiders', who wanted all of humanity under one
government to aid their own subjugation of the species. See HELP RENEGADES for more information regarding
them. They were eventually defeated through what might be considered extreme methods, and few Renegades
survived - the broken remains of the fleet fled back into uncharted space and many would simply vanish,
while others would reemerge in unexpected places.

The faction of the Sovereign Mutuality of Disparate Freemen rose to power in uncharted space several years
after the Renegade surrender and dispersal. Though it is difficult to prove, many Mutuality members
believe that ex-Renegades began, or aided those who began, the creation of the faction. Since there are
several high-profile ex-Renegades within the Mutuality, it lends credence to this hypothesis.

During the years between the formation of the fledgeling Mutuality and the revealing of themselves to the
other alliances, the Mutuality began a slow expansion Rimward and Spinward. They eventually discovered a
large nebula, and saw in it a way to keep themselves mostly hidden from undesirables and danger.

As the Mutuality spread, their vision of a united collective of unregistered pilots found many who heeded
the call, a way to find a better way of life unhindered by the AEU, League and Fringe. The sheer number of
unregistered pilots who attempted to join them caused them to carefully consider who they should allow in
- many unregs had become pirates, either due to the need for food or resources they could not otherwise

By late 2303, the Mutuality was a vast faction that controlled regions of space of comparable scale to an
alliance in Known Space, though with a considerably smaller population. Many smaller unreg groups
and factions had been all but absorbed into the Mutuality.

As a whole, the Mutuality is not a unified faction. The subgroups and remains of small factions within it
vie for power and positions within the rather convoluted power structure of the Mutuality. There are no
specific 'leaders', instead each station or large ship is controlled by either a group or individual, whom
is sent to Helios to meet with the others in a committee. Since each owner/controller tends to have their
own plans and desires, this tends to mean that meetings end in arguments and threats, rather than
agreement. In effect, the only major ruling that holds any sway over the Mutuality as a whole is the
'Free Port Decree', that anyone may access any of the stations controlled by the Mutuality, but aggression
without reason will break the decree and result in the revoking of that status.

In 2304, the Outsiders begin their assault of the First and Second Thirties. This information gradually
filters through the unreg network via a form of Chinese whispers, eventually reaching the Mutuality. Much
debate and discussion is held on a response, but it is not until 2306 that the factions headed by the
ex-Renegades Aleksei Frolov and Candida Doyle convince the others that the Mutuality should aid in the
defense of Known Space.

In grudging response to this aid, the other alliances officially recognised the Mutuality as an official
alliance, though this has caused tension on both sides - as did the Mutuality retreat in 2307 after the
surrender of the League and the clear knowledge that Known Space had lost the war against the

For the next three years, the Mutuality spent its time building up resource stores, defenses and staying
close to their hidden bases located within a nebula. In 2309, after discovering that several of their
members were imprisoned by the Outsiders, and that there may be a rebellion brewing in Known Space, the
Mutuality return to Known Space and join with the IA once again to fight against the Outsider threat.


Not all unregs became a part of the Mutuality. Many factions remain neutral towards them, others trade
with them but do not want to become what they feel to be member of another alliance, and others are
outright hostile to what they consider to be a faction that is 'selling out' to the alliances of Known Space.

Two examples of the latter are the pirate factions known as Omega and Lambda, usually found within the
region of space known as The Ring.

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