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Help: Mutuality Government

Less a true singular alliance and more a collective of independent nation-states, the Mutuality appears to have a government-by-committee. Each space station, along with many of the larger starships, seem to be controlled by what almost amounts to their own micro-nations - each sending an individual to become part of the Mutuality government as a whole. How each individual collective decides on their chosen representative or their leadership in general is unknown.

This does mean, however, that intra-alliance conflict is likely to be common.

While there is no full listing of individuals that possess a leadership role available at the current time, some names have become known:

Aleksei Frolov - apparently a military commander
Renee Sauveterre - controller of space station Helios
Cassandra of Turanova - controller of space station Tandem
Brandon Ryland - controller of space station DeMargas

There are most likely others, but this will likely remain unclear - at least for the forseeable future. What is clear is that there is no unified whole.

There are also communities of unregistered pilots that have no premanent residence. It is unclear whether all, some, or none of these are a part of the Mutuality as a whole - though we do know that not all unregistered pilots have joined with the Mutuality or become a protectorate.

The population of Mutuality space is unknown, as borders fluctuate rapidly and there is no official census.
The capital station is probably Helios, but this may be subject to change. It is suspected that the committee meets in the Conference Room located on that station.

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