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Help: Missions

Missions are specific tasks that your character can perform for point and credit rewards. Missions are given out at specific locations.

Newer players should visit Space Vermin Patrol Command and seek out special tasks there!


Some missions will call for you to destroy starships in space. These require some kind of warship, or at least a fighter.

Some missions will call for action on the ground! These, of course, require a battlesuit.

Still others may require you to retrieve something in deep space. Once found, these objects can generally be simply salvaged up. A certain upgrade may help your ship detect them!

And finally, some missions may require you to retrieve certain items for research or manufacturing in the course of combat. These will usually earn you industry credit.


Most of the missions at Space Vermin Patrol Command can be done either alone or with a partner. Other locations may offer missions for different varieties of groups!

If you want to do a mission as a group, you should join up using the JOIN or GROUP commands. Once together, the group leader can assign a mission.

Note that some missions ask you to collect objects from certain enemies in the course of performing ground missions. These are not themselves ground missions -- you must complete them along with a separate ground mission or a related ground combat activity.


You cannot do missions forever! They are designed to advance your character at a steady pace by providing a few directed tasks each day. Once you have been paid for that day's allotment of missions, you are done until the next day.

Your daily mission limit will reset at midnight.


You can see your active missions and review their briefings at any time with the MISSIONS command.


Once a mission is complete, go back to where you were assigned it and use the COMPLETE command. Alternately, if the mission was assigned to you by a NPC, you'll want to TALK to them instead!

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