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Help: Mentor System

The Mentor system is an out-of-character method of grouping together newbies and experienced players and helping the new people get their bearings within the game.

An experienced player (1500 aggregate points and 60 days old) may type MENTOR to register for the program. Then, as long as you remain active in the game, your name will come up when new players for your alliance select a mentor.

New players will be prompted to choose a mentor during the creation process, or they may type MENTOR at any time afterwards to choose a mentor.

A mentor may take several newbies under his or her wing. These are referred to in the system as "proteges."

A mentor and his or her proteges share a private, out-of-character channel. They may speak on this channel by typing MENTOR [any message]

While this mentor channel is out-of-character, it should be used for questions and answers about the game and not for general chatter.

And finally, mentors don't necessarily have to give all the answers. The proteges can help each other out too!

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