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Help: Megapod Raids

The 'megapod' is a massive Bari infestation (see the Bari help file) of the EAOS Experimental Research Structure, which was abandoned during the Outsider War. An IFS attack several years later catastrophically breached the structure, allowing the Bari access to space. Given the EAOS's penchant for tinkering and genetic engineering, the full extent of the infestation and the nature of the creatures inhabiting the megapod is unknown.

However, you and your fellow civilian pilots can help to uncover the mysteries of the megapod. Through a series of scouting missions, assaults, and raids, you can penetrate ever deeper into the megapod and, with a little luck, even recover some pre-War EAOS technology. To participate, deploy an aerial fortress to the Experimental Research Structure.

Here are the available megapod missions, ordered by difficulty. Missions are not all linear, and sometimes your party will have a choice of where to go. Greater danger often brings greater rewards! One megapod mission may be completed for full loot and credit per Conquest period. You may also do additional raids per Conquest period at your current level or lower, perhaps to help others, but they will credit you and the mission will not generate a loot item for you. Breaching raids are an exception to the rule, serving as an obstacle to further raid progress -- you will get only one attempt at a Breaching raid per Conquest! However, you only need to accomplish it once!


A scouting mission ventures just a short distance into one of the megapod's many exterior entrances. By exploring these top level tunnels, you can find ways to move deeper into the megapod.

Recommended Party Size: 5

Minimum Battlesuit Tier: 1


Move beyond the entry area of the Megapod and see what is brewing just below the surface.

Requirements: Five scouting missions completed by every would-be participant.

Recommended Party Size: 5

Minimum Battlesuit Tier: 2


Move much deeper into the Megapod and into more well-developed and dangerous nests of Bari.

Requirements: Five shallow assault missions completed by every would-be participant.

Recommended Party Size: 5

Minimum Battlesuit Tier: 3


Do unknown dangers lie beyond even the Megapod, deep inside the space station? This will be your greatest challenge yet!

Requirements: Five deep assault missions completed by every would-be participant with no raids yet completed this Conquest period.

Recommended Party Size: 8

Minimum Battlesuit Tier: 3

NOTE: This is a Breaching raid! A Breaching raid will be your only raid of the Conquest period, whether you succeed or fail! So assemble your team carefully and take special note of the recommended party size!

More missions will come in the future!

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