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Help: Maps

There are various ways of finding your way around places on Star Conquest. Try these commands:

MAP: Shows a semi-graphical ASCII map of your surroundings.

TEXTMAP: Shows exactly the same information as the MAP command in a purely text-based format.

FIND: Gives an exact path to locations within approximately the same distance that the MAP and TEXTMAP commands operate within. This command also accepts the keywords other/third/etc. to look through multiple matches (for example, FIND THIRD STORE).

PEER: Typed by itself, this gives you a quick overview of your immediate surroundings. You can also peer in a direction to see that room's full description and contents.

Still having trouble? Make sure you're reading room descriptions, and use them to direct you to where the place you're looking for is most likely to be. Also remember that not all exits are compass directions! Sometimes you need a GO command (for example, GO STORE) to get you to a certain place.

If you are looking for information on finding your way around in space, try HELP STARSHIP BASICS.

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