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Help: Manual Starship Control

Usually, the MOVE command in your starship's control room will present you with a list of destinations, and move to them with autopilot. Sometimes, however, particularly during space combat, you will want to be on manual control. Manual movement allows your ship to move from one set of coordinates to an adjacent one, one at a time. This is used for dodging fire from enemy ships.

The command to switch to manual movement is MANUAL. You can type AUTO to switch back to autopilot.

Manual movement, by default, uses the number pad on the right of the keyboard. The nine keys are laid out as compass directions that match the movement your ship will make within the sector. In other words:

North = 8
South = 2
East = 6
West = 4
Northeast = 9
Northwest = 7
Southeast = 3
Southwest = 1

In addition, there are keys to move your ship up and down within the sector.

Up = plus
Down = minus

Upon hitting the up or down key, you'll be asked for a second direction. This allows you to move, for instance, up and north at the same time. If you wish to move straight up or down, press the 5 key when asked for this second direction.

If you do not have a keypad, or if you would prefer an alternate control scheme, you can type OPTIONS and choose the option labeled "Use Alternate Manual Control Keys." When this option is activated, your manual control keys shift over to the left side of the keyboard.

North = W
South = X
East = D
West = A
Northeast = E
Northwest = Q
Southeast = C
Southwest = Z

In addition, the keys for up and down change.

Up = R
Down = F

If you wish not to move in any direction after going up and down, press the S key for your second direction.

NOTE: These same methods of vector input are used in gunning and spacewalking.

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