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Help: Mail Delivery

Mail delivery is an exciting pasttime steeped in history for pilots. To partake in this ancient and holy pasttime, go to a mail room and REQUEST some mail to be loaded onto your ship. You will be told its final destination at the time of requesting, but in case you forget, you can check the destination of the MAIL in the control room. Once you are at the mail's final destination, TRANSFER it.

List of Commands

Looking for help with mail rooms?

Characters can send and receive mail at mail rooms located in most spaceports. You will be notified by your communicator and also upon landing if you have mail. By default, your mail will be routed to your capital spaceport, but you can change this to any spaceport controlled by your alliance.

To receive mail, enter a mail room and type CHECK. Your mail will be placed in your character's hands. If you have received multiple items, they will all come in a mail bin for you to sort through.

Sending letters: WRITE LETTER to write your message, then SEND LETTER to send it to another character. You can also TRASH any letter that you are done with.

Credit chips: FILL CHIP to fill it with an amount of EAOS credits. You may also WRITE CHIP to include a message. If you have received a credit chip, type DRAIN CHIP to claim the funds.

Sending packages: Simply put items into it, then SEND PACKAGE to send it to another character. You can also TRASH any package that you are done with. You may use shipping crates to mail items too bulky to fit into a standard package.

To change your mail delivery location, type REROUTE in a mail room.

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