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Help: League Government

The current leader of the League of Old Earth Democracies is: President Amber Weaver
The current governing entity of the League of Old Earth Democracies is: Coalition of Conservative/YES2ACCORD/Land and Sky Movement

The government of the League is an evolution of the old Westminster/European style governments.

At its top is a President, the head of state for the League. Below them is the Vice President.

The Cabinet is the collective decision-making body of the League and tip of the executive branch of government, composed of the most senior ministers alongside the President and Vice President. The Cabinet Ministers are heads of the various government departments and are drawn from the ministers of the League parliament by the President.

The League parliament is formed of two Chambers, an Upper and Lower; The Upper Chamber is known as the Council of Ministers or just 'the Council', while the Lower Chamber is known as the Assembly of the People, usually just called 'The Assembly'.

Term limits do not apply for any minister - including the President - meaning that any elected official may continue to run in multiple elections as long as they continue to be elected. In theory this is a democratic system, where the President must pass everything before the Cabinet, the Council, and the Assembly, but in practice bribery and corruption are common. Whips are employed regularly, with spin being one of the major efforts when attempting to pass new legislation and get things done.

There are 22 members of the Cabinet, including the President. The ministers chosen are of the President's party.

There are 100 members of the Council, 10 ministers representing each world and zone of Old Earth. The ministers appointed to the Council are appointed in internal votes by the ministers from each of the planets and Old Earth zones.

There are 1300 members of the Assembly, the ministers who hold the seats of the various constituency regions of the worlds of the League.
Old Earth holds significant sway over the Assembly, as its combined constituencies number 500 in the various 'zones', while the combined constituencies from all other League worlds number 800. They are divided as follows:

OE Amerzone: 90 seats
OE Eurozone: 110 seats
OE Sinozone: 120 seats
OE Oceania: 90 seats
OE Africa: 90 seats
Mars: 248 seats
Luna: 200 seats
Centauri: 172 seats
Vesta: 120 seats
Callisto: 60 seats

Elections in the League follow a pattern similar to the United Kingdom today. General elections take place every five years (barring states of emergency or an Act of Parliament to postpone an election or call a snap election early), during which the citizens of the League do not specifically vote for a presidential candidate - instead they vote for the minister of the particular party they want in their constituency seat. As such the voting is more direct and is also more simple - the candidate with the most votes wins that seat.

For a party to be victorious in the general election, they must have won 651 or more of the total constituency seats to allow them to form a majority government. If no party has won this number of seats, the parties with the largest number of seats may attempt to form a minority government by creating a coalition with other parties with fewer seats to create a combined collective of 651 seats or more. In cases such as this there will be significant negotiation as the parties involve determine which policies they are willing to compromise on and which they are not, in order to gain the support of others. If no coalition forms as no agreement is reached, a new general election must take place.

While uncommon, coalition governments are not rare; the most common form happening after a long-term majority government has lost voter support and wants to maintain control in an election. Not in themselves naturally unstable, a coalition government is inherently less stable than a majority government due to the differing policies and practices of the various parties involved.

The population of League space is approximately 60 billion.
The capital world is Old Earth, housing the seat of League government in the city of Brussels.

Previous Election Results:

2318 - Amber Weaver/No Overall Victory - Coalition formed between Conservatives, YES2ACCORD, Land and Sky Movement
2314 - Charisse Robinson steps down, Johann Dietrich becomes President Pro Tempore
2313 - Charisse Robinson/Conservatives victory
2310 - State of Emergency - No Election
2305 - State of Emergency - No Election
2300 - Charisse Robinson/Conservatives victory
2295 - Charisse Robinson/Conservatives victory
2290 - Anthony Montague/Conservatives victory
2285 - Patrick Garrison/Democratic Socialists victory
2280 - Jackson Stevens/Liberal victory

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