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Help: Jinu

The Jinu were the first alien species that made true first contact with humanity.

They are eight feet tall humanoids with skin tones in varying shades of grey. They possess muscular limbs, but they are longer and thinner than human arms and legs. Their feet support them on three thick toes, while their hands appear to have three opposable thumbs and two longer, thinner fingers. The head is slightly triangular, with cat-like ears at each of the top two corners. The bottom corner is covered with a tuft of fine fur. Their eyes possess horizontal pupils.

Their region of space is slightly Galactic Coreward when compared to human space, and is believed to be approximately of similar size to humanity's.

The Jinu located humanity first, using our own transmissions from centuries ago to limit the region of space to search, sending a scout vessel looking for us. This must have taken some time, but the Jinu ship eventually found its way to human space, landing on the planet Grenwold, where several pilots used first contact kits to come to a joint basic understanding of mathematics before creating a pigdin of basic human and Jinu terms to allow conversing.

The alien was friendly, and after much time had passed spoke with the leaders of all four alliances, eventually revealing that it planned to work with the EAOS (as the most technologically advanced alliance) to create an expedition vessel for a team of humans to follow back to Jinu space. This journey would take several days, but Hrahk - the Jinu - informed humanity that it possessed two 'munroujuk', with a third such device in Jinu space. Hrahk intended to place these triangulation units within human space, with - once the expedition starship had reached Jinu space manually - the information gained by both journeys allowing free wormhole generation between the sectors of both species.

Once Jinu space was fully opened to humanity, the Jinu opened negotiations to enter into treaties with each individual human alliance. In return, each alliance was gifted several sectors from Jinu space.

In 2304, the Outsiders destroyed the triangulation units known by the Jinu word 'munroujuk' in both human and Jinu space. With these destroyed, travel to and from the First and Second Thirties from the other became impossible through standard wormhole travel. Both government-sponsored and civilian enterprises sent missions to attempt to restablish communication with the Jinu and the humans trapped in the Second Thirty when the munroujuk were destroyed, but all such attempts end in failure due to Outsider response.

Little is known of Jinu culture beyond a handful of concepts. The Jinu seem to separate the idea of intelligent beings into two categories: 'muni' and 'romuni'.

Muni seems to be a term regarding an individual's peacefullness, openness to discussion, and their willingness to understand other disagreeing viewpoints.
Romuni seems to be a term specific to an individual that is rather hostile and unfriendly to alien concepts, believing in their own way above others.
These translations are hazy at best, but most humans understand these terms as described here.

Many Jinu worlds politely refused to allow human pilots to land, but their homeworld of Gefu did - revealing a world filled with plant life, where Jinu structures are small and blend in easily to the natural world.

It is clear that the Jinu have a far greater understanding of theoretical physics, wormhole technology and quantum mechanics, as their wormhole drives create wormholes faster and with superior stabilisation as the ship passes through it.

They also appear to possess greater construction capabilities, as shown by the massive sector-sized space station Jengeftra, though this may merely have been an undertaking decades in the making, or with sections added on as needed.

Since the Jinu were also able to locate humanity it is also assumed, though by no means certain, that they possess greater sensor resolution and exploration ability.

It is widely believed that the Jinu are pacifists, but they clearly have armed starships as was seen pre-subjugation and during the attempt to stop the destruction of the munroujuk in Jinu space, so this is unlikely.

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