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Help: Interacting with the World

This document describes the basics of looking around, talking, manipulating objects, and moving in Star Conquest. This will not delve into any starship controls.

Looking Around

The basic command for seeing where you are is LOOK, which can be shortened to just L. Typing this command in a room will show you the name of the room, a description of it, a list of objects in it, a list of other players in it, and finally a list of exits you can take to leave it.

You may also look at other objects and players, which will often reveal additional details about them. You can do this by typing LOOK AT [object] or, more commonly, just LOOK [object].


All of these commands work to talk to others:

Manipulating Objects

There are a number of ways to interact with most objects. You can GET many objects to pick them up, PUT them into a container, DROP them to leave them on the floor, and often more depending on the nature of the object.

Many objects have special commands. Sometimes this is obvious. For instance, books can be READ. Containers can be OPENed and CLOSEd. You may WEAR clothing and then REMOVE it again.

IMPORTANT: If an object seems special but you can't figure out how to manipulate it, very often you must simply USE it.

ALSO RATHER IMPORTANT: If you find yourself constantly interacting with an object that you don't mean to because something else has a similar name, there are a couple of ways you can deal with it. First of all, you can try to call the object you want by a longer, more descriptive, more likely to be unique name. Secondly, and probably easier, is to start calling it 'other [object]'. This also extends to 'third [object]', fourth, and so on. You can also type 'my [object]' if you want to specifically refer to something that belongs to you.


Remember, if you type LOOK in a room, you can see the exits leading out of that room. You can then type these exits as commands to use them. For instance, type NORTHWEST to go northwest. This command can also be shortened to NW. In addition to eight compass directions, other common exits are up, down, and out.

You can see all nearby compass direction exits by typing MAP.

Occasionally you will encounter less obvious exits. You usually find out about these only by careful reading of the room's description. To use such an exit, type 'GO [exit name]'.

For instance, say a room description includes the line, "You see a wooden door leading to a noisy pub." But none of the room's obvious exits lead to any pub. In this case, GO DOOR or GO PUB are likely to work.

Customize Your Interface

Certain customizations, such as color highlights, are available under the OPTIONS command.

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