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Help: Insurance

As a pilot, you are entitled to an insurance account to help you recover from the loss of one of your ships. As ships rapidly become quite expensive, it's important to insure yourself against their loss.

You can manage your insurance account through any ATM.

There are five types of coverage:

You pay a premium for each policy that you hold. Your premiums are due at the end of each Conquest period. The cost of your premium is affected by how recently you have claimed a lost ship and the Conquest status of your alliance.

You may pay your account's balance through the ATM. In addition, you can set your account up to automatically make payments toward your balance as you earn income. This is also done through the ATM.

You may overpay and maintain a positive balance on your account up to the amount of your next payment. In this event, at the next billing cycle, the amounts will even out and you will owe nothing.

In the event that you lose an insured ship, the payment will be mailed to you immediately.

Ships are not insured against self-destructions.

IMPORTANT: You must make your insurance payments. If a balance has been overdue through two Conquest periods, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE COVERED. There are two exceptions: 1) Exploration policies will maintain coverage without current payments, but only if your ship is active and out of communications range, and you will owe the full balance upon your return. 2) The Cadet insurance policy is always free and requires no payments.

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