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Help: ITPN

The ITPN, or Intersector Transport Pod Network, is a system of small wormhole-enabled pods that travel continuously through space, connecting citizens to interplanetary or even interstellar destinations at a fraction of the cost of operating a starship. Civilian pilots, too, are free to use this system.

The ITPN operates passively at all times, so upon finding yourself in an ITPN room, all there is to do is wait until a pod arrives. Once it does, use the BOARD POD command to board it.

Once aboard, you can use the ROUTE command to check the pod's next destination and planned route. Upon arriving, type OUT to leave the pod.

The ITPN runs in several circuits. For example, if you're stuck on Tenosque and you wish to get to New Earth, you must first ride the local circuit to Chetumal, then disembark and ride the main circuit to New Earth. Not all places enjoy ITPN service, but most major destinations do.

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