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Help: Holodiscs

Holodiscs, also called holofilms, are discs which contain information for projecting holographic images as well as audio. Holofilms are not exactly three dimensional, but rather are filmed with enough parallax to give them a sensation of depth.

Players are able to create, distribute, and sell holodiscs in various ways.


A holo projector accepts a holodisc and, when activated, displays the film for all to see.


A holo recorder is essentially a camera. When containing a holodisc and while activated, it will record everything it sees and hears. Note that the recorder must be dropped in a room to function properly; it will not see much when held by a player.


A holo editor is used to finalize a holodisc for viewing or selling. This device can be used to easily edit a holodisc, including ones generated by a recorder, or to add entirely new frames, allowing a clever writer to create any sort of film they desire. The device's functions should be fairly self-explanatory when used, though it may take some practice to acquire proficiency.


While using the editing suite is highly recommended, you can also prepare holodiscs (such as ones generated by a recorder) for viewing or sale without one. Use the TITLE command to set the title, and the SET command to finalize the film. There is no way to add, edit, or delete frames from a holodisc without the editor device.

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