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Help: Health and Medcenters

At times you may develop injuries in your life as a pilot. Common causes are when your starship is destroyed, your battlesuit is destroyed, you encounter a dangerous area, or perhaps most obviously, you get into a fight.

The HEALTH command will display your current overall state, listing wounds, location, and severity. Looking at someone will also show any injuries they have.

Significant injuries will hamper your ability to undertake tasks. Wounds on the arms or hands will prevent you from holding or picking up objects, wounds to the legs will make it much slower to move around (Achieved through roundtime when moving from room to room) and head injuries, like a concussion, affect your brain, slurring your speech and causing you to become confused, sometimes speaking things without even being aware of it.

Injuries can be healed by finding the nearest medical center, the easiest to find being located on the capital planets. It's a good idea to search out your capital planet's medical center early on in life, as you'll want to be able to find it if you're in trouble or moving slowly. Medical centers are marked with an M on the MAP command, though they share the same marker as mail rooms, so you might stumble into the wrong one by mistake.

Once inside a medical center, LIE CRECH. You will be given a prompt with the cost of healing. Once you accept, you will be healed over a duration dependent upon the number and severity of the wounds.

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