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Help: Groups

Groups in Star Conquest are two or more players who are traveling through rooms together.

(If this doesn't sound like what you're looking for, you might want the Organizations help file.)

A group consists of a leader and at least one follower. When the group leader moves to another room, everyone else will follow.

Leader Commands

* GROUP [person] or HOLD [person]: Take another player into your group.

* DISBAND: Disband your group, so that everyone stops following you.

Follower Commands

* JOIN [person]: Join a group leader's group.

* LEAVE: Leave the group.

Groups persist through nearly all circumstances. Notable exceptions are in weightless environments and during ground combat.

Note: If you join another player, you will not follow them aboard their ship. This was abused in the past when people would unexpectedly join a person just as they were about to board their ship, then proceed to cause assorted mischief once aboard. However, if a person takes another player into their group themselves, then that other player will follow them onto their ship.

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