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I was born on Ars Magna. My father died when I was fairly young, leaving my mother enough money to live fairly comfortably in the outskirts of Kabah and to allow me to get a relatively good education given the circumstances. As time went on, I realised that I felt unfulfilled and that something was lacking in my life. I tried to find what that missing element was, from rock climbing to working with wild animals, even once putting my name up as an independent in the local election. Of course this was before the coup. But nothing gripped me as I hoped it would. The coup changed things, of course, but it also gave me a direction. The military was very proud of its navy, and while I didn't want to go that route, I realised that I'd been ignoring the elephant in the room - civilian pilothood. I spent the next year or so looking for the best deal, and paid for the training to get my licence. After almost three years, I managed to get my flight hours up to snuff, and was finally marked as an official cadet, waiting for the final approval and to receive my licence.

Of course, then all hell broke loose and I never even launched a flitter before the Outsiders were knocking at our door. For the next few years it was as if I'd never been through training, although this time I moved from odd job to odd job, never really finding my calling. There was a real sense of community in that time though, Kabah and the surrounding cities joined together to get through the Outsider conquest, though I'd hardly have called myself happy even though it could have been much worse. The rebellion began, but I never heard of it. People fought back, and when the pilots had their victory I was part of the swarm that took down Enforcer drones in both Kabah and Sayil. It was amazingly cathartic to tear into the machines that had spent the past few years telling us what to do.

But I knew what I wanted, now. After eight years or so, I was finally able to get my hands on my long-overdue licence and a key to my first starship. It was small and it was mostly owned by the government, but it was still mine.

I like to think I'm fairly easygoing, but most of my friends will tell you I'm easily frustrated. I bore quickly, and need things to keep me entertained. Excitement and risk are my lifeblood, though I've never really put myself into a situation too dangerous... although now I'm flying big boxes of explodium that might change. I'm more than willing to help defend the Fringe from threats, though I suppose I'll have to keep in mind that they don't really want me causing too many incidents. But as long as I don't start them, right?

I'm usually polite to people - at first - but if you're stupid I WILL let you know it. I've been told that while I MAKE friends easily enough, the reason I don't tend to KEEP many of them is that I'm fairly abrasive, but I'm trying to reign that in. While I got an education I wouldn't class myself as 'educated', I prefer watching an action holovid to reading a book. Still, it's not like most kids who grew up in the sticks of Kabah ended up criminals.

What do I want in the future? To start with, A future. I never really had a plan for most of my life, but now I'm a pilot I feel like I belong somewhere. It feels right, and I think this will take me where I need to go. Plus the money is good, and who can say no to having open space as your backyard?

I'm fairly neutral on the whole alien business, seems most of 'em want to shoot us and the ones that don't are either missing or being told to shoot us by the ones who want to, but we'll see what happens. Maybe not all extraterrestrials are best when they're dead.

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