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Help: Felo

The felo is a creature naturally native to the planet of Grenwold.

A six-limbed cat-like being, the felo is one of the few animals known to have an innate aggression towards the spaceborn parasites known as bari.

A normal felo can rip through a bari horde with ease, one or two can quickly remove a light infestation from a small ship.

Bari warriors, on the other hand, slaughter the smaller felo. The pheremones produced by the warriors must do something to the felo, however, as felo genes begin to incorporate the chance of breeding their own type of soldier when on a ship inhabited by warriors, creating a nest that births soldier felo, muscular creatures that can take down a warrior with effort.

Felo require food. While their native diet on Grenwold was a small fruit, the catastrophic destruction of Grenwold by an Outsider mothership wiped out the food. Instead an entrepreneur has opened a shop on Helios that provides dishes and mass-produced chow that seems to at least sustain felo.

Unlike bari, felo (including soldier felo) cannot survive the vacuum of space or hostile atmospheres. Any felo in an airlock when it is cycled to one of these will die.

Felo rediscovered after the attack on Grenwold, (Found in an assault upon the massively infested Experimental Research Structure) have exhibited many distinct genotypes, and breeders have sought to discover many different styles, mostly coming down to preference. Assaults have also gained supplies of nutrigel and a tool to dispense it, which seems to provide nutrients to felo not found in felo chow that makes them more fit and able to fight off bari infestation.

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