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Help: Events

This game is Roleplay Enforced, which means that you should have your character act in a manner consistent with the profile you will write in order to leave cadethood. This also means that your actions will have consequences, both positive and negative, depending on those actions.

There are four major types of event in Star Conquest:

1) Story Arc Plotlines
- These events are game-wide and will happen at specific points, when things in-game set them up. These have included First Contact with the Jinu, the Renegade War, the Rebellion against the Outsiders and Diplomacy with the Children of the Sun, to name a few.
- Anyone who wishes to take part in these events will be able to join in, but some parts may only be open to people who meet specific criteria. These events will occur whether one particular person may want them to or not, but the outcome may depend on player participation.

2) Personal Event
- When the player of a character wants to enhance their roleplay in a way that requires staff intervention but is not game-wide, the personal event comes into play. They are technically host-run, but will have the input of the player who has specifically requested it. They will usually be minor events in-universe, but the more people involved, the greater the event will become.
- These are covered by Policy 14, and will ONLY occur when a player has specifically spoken to a staff member to request one, and this has been discussed at length. While a player can request specific things, it is ultimately up to the staff to decide how the event is implemented, though we will do what we can to keep things as requested while remaining in-theme with the game universe.

3) Consequences
- NPCs will respond to the actions of a character or group of characters. Meet with a government official? Maybe your actions can result in something that will benefit your entire alliance! Or maybe you attack another alliance's navy, and the target blacklists you for a time, stopping you from accessing their space. These consequences will always make sense and will always be logical, even if you are not aware of the entire sequence of events leading up to them.
- Consequences to your character's IC actions will occur whether you want them to or not, and if the actions of your character are extreme enough this will be stressed ICly and eventually, if it continues to the point that your character nears unplayability, you will be notified OOCly to make sure that you are aware of the inevitable result.

4) Outside Interference
- Sometimes unexpected things can happen, things you never expected but that affect you in minor (or possibly major) ways. These 'Outside Interference' events will happen unexpectedly and may alter your character without your explicit consent.
- These events are OPT-IN only. If you wish to be considered for participation in such events, check your OPTIONS command, which will let you toggle whether you are interested or not. Unless you specifically opt-in using this command, you will never have to worry about these events occuring to you. These events are random and unique, so even if you have opted in you may not experience anything for quite some time.
NOTE: This is not something you can toggle freely at will. If you wish to opt-in, please keep in mind that this is a one-time option. If you subsequently opt-out again, you are PERMANENTLY opted out. You can never again opt in.

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