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Help: Einrophones

Einrophones, short for "Einstein-Rosen telephones," are telephone-like devices that use wormholes for faster-than-light communication. With an einrophone, you can engage in two-way communication with any other einrophone user.


Phones are simple! Most tasks can be accomplished by typing USE PHONE. This command is used, just for example, to dial a number, answer a call, or hang up.

Once connected, it's even simpler. Just talk naturally using the SAY command to speak over your phone. The phone picks up all sounds your character makes, including social commands!


You can find an einrophone shop in your capital's spaceport. Simply go there and purchase a phone of your choice. Once you have the phone, type USE PHONE in order to register a number for it.

Your number will be a 4-digit code corresponding to your character's place of origin, followed by a 5-digit code unique to your phone.

Because cadet players have not yet submitted their profile and determined their place of origin, they cannot register a phone. Cadets may, however, use a payphone.


You make a call by typing USE PHONE and choosing the appropriate option. You must have the 9-digit number of the person you wish to reach in order to make a call.

Alternatively, you can dial "00" (that's two zeroes) to reach Directory Assistance, which can look up persons and locations if their number is publicly listed.


Your personal phone can store a list of contacts: friends and others you speak to frequently. You can manage your contacts by typing USE PHONE and choosing the appropriate option.

Have the other person's number ready when you choose to add a contact. You may choose to give the contact any label you like. You can then dial with this label, as opposed to remembering the number.

You can expand your phone's memory with specialized memory cards. These are not sold, but rather are crafted by other players. Ask around, or check your local Space Market!


If your phone is silenced, or if you slept right through all the ringing, your phone will log a missed call when you don't answer. You can see these by typing USE PHONE and choosing the appropriate option, then you may, of course, call back if you choose!


Your phone can be accessorized with phone covers, holsters, and more. In order to use these, type ATTACH (other object) TO PHONE. It's just that simple!

In the case of a phone holster, the holster itself will seem to "disappear," but your phone will now be wearable.

Using a second accessory of the same type will detach the first one and put it back in your hand.


A "landline" phone is much the same as your personal phone, but it's tied to one location and does not move. You will find payphones and phone booths scattered through settled space. In addition, each civilian liaison office has its own phone.

Landline phones work much the same, but will generally lack a memory for contacts and some other features. Instead of picking up the phone itself, you will use the handset. While you have the handset, others cannot hear the other side of the conversation, though they can of course hear you speak.

You may type GIVE PHONE TO (someone else) in order to pass the handset over. USE the phone again to hang up.


Payphones, as the name indicates, are not free! Someone is being charged every time one is used. You can see the rate charged by a payphone by looking at it.

Alternatively, many payphones allow collect calls. If you don't have enough for a call yourself, you may make a collect call. The person you are calling may choose to accept the charges and allow your call. To call collect, dial "9090" followed by the number you wish to reach.

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