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Help: EMOTE Command

Beyond simple talking is emoting: describing your character's body language and actions. To emote an action, use either EMOTE, : (colon) or the letter "a" to preface what you want your character to do.

Example: EMOTE dances!
Example: :dances!
Example: a dances!

Result: Barbara Josef dances!

A more detailed emoting help file is also available by typing HELP ADVANCED EMOTING.

Note that emoting should not be used to trick people (for example, making someone think you've given them money) or to do things that are impossible or inconsistent with your character (like leaping ten feet into the air and performing five perfect backflips on the way down). Doing anything like this is out of character. Also, make sure your emotes describe only physical actions and appearances -- don't hint at your character's internal monologue. Other characters aren't psychic!

You can also emote over communicator channels! This works exactly the same, except you just precede your emote command with your transmit command. And remember that your communicator is audio only!
Example: tr gen emote gives a disbelieving laugh.

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