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Help: EAOS Government

Whatever system the EAOS has, they do not publicly talk about it. What is clear is that they have some kind of power sharing system, as James Korie and Thomas Haldeman both worked together equally before the Outsider Subjugation of Mankind. Never explicitly refered to as President, Premier or any other term, it is not known what exactly their respective roles were.

In 2309, James Korie was arrested by Nina Thomas and the Confederation of Fringe Worlds for 'Crimes Against Humanity', and in 2318 was released into EAOS custody by the Confederation Provisional Committee. The EAOS is apparently preparing for his trial.

The population of EAOS space is believed to be approximately 65 million.
The capital station is The Torus. It is unknown where any members of the EAOS government meet.

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