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Help: Donations

It has always been our goal to keep Star Conquest free to players. However, as we continue to grow and develop, server costs increase. The server hardware required to keep Star Conquest running required a very large investment, and there are monthly costs associated with maintaining high speed internet access to it. In addition, we need further server upgrades if we wish to effectively run additional games in the future.

For this reason, we will gladly accept donations to help offset our costs and pay for future upgrades. At this time, we only accept donations via PayPal. Please contact a host if you wish to donate but are not able to with PayPal.


Your first US$10 donation on or after 20 August 2012 qualifies you for a donation reward item. Subsequently, each time you donate a total of US$20 within one calendar month, you will qualify for another donation reward item. You may request and will receive no more than a maximum of one donation reward item each month.

If you have made a donation which qualifies you for a reward item, please wait an appropriate length of time (one to two days) and use the @DONOR command to check your status and request your item. Please refer to HELP TRADESMEN for our rules about suitable custom items. Most importantly, your reward item must not confer any mechanical advantage whatsoever to your character. We want you to be happy with your donation item, so if there is anything (within reason) you would like to see changed about it when you receive it, please let us know in a support ticket.

We provide reward items as a "thank you" to donating players, and we are under no obligation to provide any item which we, the staff, feel to be unsuitable for the game or for your character. If necessary, we will work with you to determine a suitable item. Players who seek to abuse this system may be barred from it. We reserve the right to discontinue the reward item program at any time.


Donors will not be subject to any special treatment, consideration, or priority. A donation is exactly that.

This service, including this contract, may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice.

If your donor-level membership or Star Conquest/Squidsoft account is cancelled at any time, either by your choice or at a staff member's discretion, you are not entitled to a refund.

By participating in Star Conquest and/or this donation program, you agree to follow all terms of the game and game policies.

All decisions made by the staff are final.

By donating, you signify your agreement to all of the above terms and conditions.


You can donate via the following link: or by sending your donation to via PayPal. Please make sure to include your account ID unless you wish to remain anonymous. We cannot provide donation reward items without an account ID.

PayPal automatically notifies the staff of Star Conquest when a payment has been sent, so it is not necessary to take any further steps. If it has been two or more days since a donation that qualifies you for a reward item, and the @DONOR command is not allowing you to request one, please type ASSIST and ask to speak with a host about it. Do not assist about this matter unless at least 48 hours have passed.

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