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Help: CrewFinder

The CrewFinder is a system for forming and joining crews for space and ground missions/activities. In character, it is a function of your communicator and uses a Tactical subchannel.

The command to use the CrewFinder is CREWFINDER (can be shortened) or LFG, a classic abbreviation for "looking for group." You can also set some CrewFinder notification preferences with the SET COMM command.

Using the CrewFinder, you can choose which activity you want to do, set how many people you want for it, and set a meeting time and place. This replaces what used to be entire extended discussions over the communicator, and helps everyone plan things in advance and avoid stepping on each other's toes.

For ground missions, the CrewFinder already knows the ideal group size, and it can also suggest battlesuit configurations based on tiers and roles. Note that it looks only at the suit's user-assigned role, and makes no judgment about how well it actually fulfills that role. If the tool has no suggested configuration, that means it could not find a valid combination within a suitable spread of tiers, and someone may have to end up switching suits. Otherwise, using a suggested configuration will generally yield good results, though you are not obligated to use it.

Scheduled CrewFinder activities will automatically disappear from the list a few minutes after their start time.

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