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Help: Credits

Credits are the form that currency takes in Star Conquest. A credit is a purely electronic unit of energy, material, or labor, depending on the context.

You can see how many credits you have by typing CREDITS or CASH.

Each alliance uses credits, but the value of a credit from an alliance fluctuates over time as the fortunes of that alliance rise or fall. In other words, conversion rates of one alliance's credits into another alliance's credits are not static.

If you need to convert credits from one alliance to another, you can find ATMs at nearly every spaceport that will allow you to do so. View the ATMs help file for more information.

EAOS credits tend to have the most stable and highest value, and they are often used as a standard currency when one is called for.


You can give credits to other players by typing GIVE [amount] [alliance] TO [other person].

Note that giving amounts in excess of 20 million credits will generate a report to your current Voice and Industrial Whip. Giving amounts in excess of 100 million credits will require approval from any civilian liaison officer before the transfer can complete. Transfers may occasionally be approved or rejected by the government's pilot liaison office as well, particularly if the pilot officers do not handle it in a timely manner.

Purposely performing multiple transactions that are short of the reporting or review limit is called structuring. Just as in the real world, structuring may generate an investigation and audit.

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