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Help: Civilian Liaisons

Civilian liaisons are pilots in your alliance, just like you, who have the added ability to act as go-betweens between the pilot corps and your alliance government. These serve for one term lasting six weeks, and then the positions are up for nomination and voting once again.

For information about the sorts of things that officers, particularly the Voice, can do throughout the term, please check the Civilian Liaison Term Actions help file.

The actual positions differ among the alliances:

*dynamic liaison role list*

Current Civilian Liaisons

*dynamic liaison list*

In addition, there is a counterpart liaison within the alliance government. This person is a government official who is in charge of issues relating to the civilian pilot corps. Note that, as a regular civilian pilot, you should generally not contact these people directly -- that is the job of your Voice. But if there is a pressing need to go over the head of your Voice, or if, as Voice, you wish to communicate privately for some reason, you may wish to write a letter to your official government liaison directly.

Government Liaisons

* Antoinette Richard

* Sector Captain Konstantyn Lazar

* Sir Tobermory Wellington

* Aleksei Frolov
* Cassandra of Turanova
* Brandon Ryland
* Other relevant station controllers

* Professor Sonorous Griswold

The Current Term

A civilian liaison term lasts for six weeks.


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