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Help: Character Descriptions

Every character has a description. The description shows the purely physical details about your character, things that other people would be able to see when they look at him or her. Other details like piercings or tattoos will also show up here.

Every character has the same description template, but the choice of details is up to you. If you would like a physical detail that is not provided, you may select it as a customized choice, suggest it to the hosts, or request it as a personal addition (which would have to be justified with your profile or through a history of good roleplaying).

Brand new players get the option of jumping right into the game and skipping the description process, since this proved to be a point where new players were frequently lost. Such players can start the description process at any time by typing @DESC. This is required before a profile will be approved.

Rest assured, also, that no one has X-ray vision. If you are wearing clothing, certain intimate details are invisible to others. To see yourself as others see you, you can type LOOK ME. If you wish to see your complete description, you may type @SHOWDESC.

Certain things about your description are changeable! Hair grows, of course, and can be cut or shaved. You can also color or restyle your hair at a beauty shop. And there are cosmetics shops available for still more changes. Choose your style!

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