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Help: Character Concept

The character concept is one requirement along the way to having a staff-approved character.

A character concept should be, ideally, a single sentence that sums up your character's essential traits and motivations. That might sound like a tall order, but being able to condense your concept in this way will make your character's full profile much easier. By paring down nonessential information, you'll be able to focus on what's really important. Only describe what's unique about your character; there's no room to spend on things that are generally true of every pilot.

The easiest way to start is by describing someone that isn't your character. Come up with a sentence that describes your best friend. What's the most important thing about them? What could you say to someone so that when they meet your friend they'd say, "This is exactly what you said it would be like."

A good concept has a mix of broad and narrow traits and a focus on personality. What defines your character? What makes them interesting? What choices have they made in their life that others don't understand and what would help us understand them? You don't need to tell us that your character is a pilot - every other character in the game is a pilot - but a good way to explore your character is to get into why they became one.

There are also some cliche concepts to avoid -- your character should stand out, not be like one of the many others running around! They are "I want to help any way I can." "He loves to explore." "A hard worker." "I will achieve my goals." "My character is a regional stereotype." "I want a challenge." "Let me tell you about my parents." "A flirty socialite and social butterfly.", and finally "From a small town, seeking to see a larger galaxy."

When you're ready to write your full profile, you should seek to expand on your basic concept in three major ways: 1) A description of the character's personality, summing up how you will play them day to day. 2) A brief summary of life events that brought them to this point. 3) The character's aspirations and immediate goals -- where their story goes next. Check the help file "Basic Profile Help" for more information!

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