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Help: Cameras

This help file concerns photographic cameras.

There are three components to cameras: the camera itself, a camera strap that allows you to wear it, and film. You will find these sold together.

To attach a camera strap, type ATTACH STRAP TO CAMERA.

To load film, hold the film in your hand and type LOAD CAMERA.

To use a camera and take a photo, you must target it at something with the USE command. Here are a few examples:

USE CAMERA AT ROOM: Take a photo of the room and its contents.

USE CAMERA AT ME: Take a photo of yourself.

USE CAMERA AT BILLY: Take a photo of Billy.

USE CAMERA AT BILLY,JIMMY: Take a photo of both Billy and Jimmy. Separate names with commas to keep adding more targets.

Photos also interact with the POSE command to take more interesting pictures!

Look for photo albums and picture frames to do more things with your photos. You may also HANG your photos directly on the wall.

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